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Another deployment!!!

Well right now my husband is deployed and will not be home till who knows when in July.But yesterday he told me that most likely he will be doing another deployment next May...well that makes me really upset I mean he aint even home yet and they are already planing on takeing him away from me already :( and to make it even wrose he will miss our sons 2nd birthday next year bc of it. I hate deployments I feel like im not even married most of the time my husband is never at home even when he aint deployed he lives 4 hrs away from me and our son at base and we live in our forever home in our old home town(but I know we chose to live like that). Im just so upset about this new deployment news.....But on the plus side after the deployment next May is over he will be getting out of the Navy for good :D...Im trying to stay busy but im running out of stuff to do so I have no idea what im gonna do next May?


Guess it's a good thing he's getting out soon then. 

I'm sorry to hear that.  I know all too well what it's like to have to dread a deployment while you're still looking forward to homecoming.  My husband is on his third deployment in 4 years and for the second and third deployments I found out while he was still gone.  Now that he's supposed to be going to shore duty he got another deployable billet :( 

Hang in there, it will all pass.

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