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The good kind of nervous...

I was extremely nervous when DH joined military.  We were engaged, and went into the AF planning to do his 4 years and get out if we chose.  BUT  Sometimes low expectations are a good thing LOL because turns out we LOVE it.  There are not-fun parts, but I've decided that the best military spouses are those who have an adventurous spirit.  I don't mean "adrenaline junkie", but that you are flexible, naturally curious, and willing to see the humor when things go wrong (they will...).    You won't be able to be flexible and cool all the time..... we all have met our breaking point, and most of us have been lucky to have a fellow wife or our spouse put us back together.  That, I think, is what makes the military worth the fight.

You may spend Christmas in a military hotel in the middle of a PCS (change of base move) but that will be a Christmas your kids always remember LOL  (it will be up to you and DH if they remember you arguing and stressed, or being silly and festive).   My sis married a civilian, and her life is so different than mine, but I wouldn't want to trade.  When we were dating, I always thought I'd be willing to live under a bridge if it meant I could be married to DH, and so my home is wherever the AF sends him.  




Hi everyone!

My boyfriend and future husband of four years now just started his Air Force enlistment process.  I am SO excited for him (and us) but it's also nervewracking.  Obviously, the fear of the unknown is getting to me.  Am I going to be able to handle it? What if I have a bad day? All of these questions are sending knots in my stomach, but at the same time, I would be horribly disappointed if he didn't go through with it. 

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to calm the negative side of things and let the positive thoughts come through? (I'm a Deist, so praying isn't my way of dealing)  I do suffer some anxiety issues and it has been tolerable thus far but sometimes, waves of panic overcome me.  I think this life will be great, I'm just nervous about my best friend going through basic and tech school (over a year) with limited contact.  Help, I need reassurance and ideas!

xo KT

Hello! What really has helped me is a support group on facebook that i found. All of the mothers and girlfriends and wives all made a group from the man that had gone to basic together. And that group was awesome! Even though they have graduated we still support each other. Also, basic is the safest place he could be. So dont worry to much. Just take it one day at a time!

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