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moving across the country to live with my husband but have many questions!

im currently 24 weeks pregnant moving to california soon. wondering how i get set up with the right doctors and meet some trustworthy people that could give me some advice have any ideas? i would love to hear them :)



There are two options first one is if you DO NOT have a Military Card. If you just got married you want to get into the DEERS system, (You might have to have your husband with you, not 100% sure) this is where you will get your Military ID card and then you are ready to set up Tricare. Always have your ID card, SS, marriage ceft, birth ceft with you. If you want to be in the system before you move with him you can look up your local Tricare office and go down there. I was in TN and went to the National Guard Reserve base. You will have a lot of paper work to fill out for a doctor you pick from a list that they give to you for off post providers & on post providers. When you are asked what type of Ins to get make sure you get Tricare Prime it will cover 100% of your doctor bill if you pick a doctor off post. (Unless something has changed that I don't know of) and of couse anything hospital wise on post/base is free to you. It might take a few weeks for your health care to kick in.

2nd) If you have your Military ID you should be able to go online and start the enrollment process here is the link you will need your husbands information. You did say that you are moving to Cali so it's called TriWest.

Also you need to make sure that you get all the baby information set up when the child is born. We were told that everything is covered for 60 days but if you forget to enter the baby into DEERS you will have to pay for all health care.

If you are looking to get Dental & Eyecare they are not covered by TriWest and you have to go with another company. I would look at this site for Dental each state and location normally has a different service that they use.   Eye care,%20Vision

Your fist appointment should be with a regular Primary care doctor then you will be seen by an OBGYN. As for OBGYN you should be seen by one on base. I saw a different doctor/midwife every month when I went for a checkup. Each vist should last about 15 minutes and get used to getting blood work done. :)

If you have any more questions let me know, I've only been doing this 8 years.

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