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Overseas CDC Positions and NEX Positions

Hey Ladies,

Ever since I moved to Naples, Italy a few weeks ago, I have been constantly looking for jobs and I have applied for MANY!. Two weeks ago I had an interview at the CDC here on base and it went really well.  They even told me what my work day would be like, the age group and when I could possibly begin work. The only thing I had to do was submit a background check that would take two weeks to process.  The lady told me that she wasn't able to formally offer me a position, only HR could do that so once the background check cleared then they would offer it to me.

THEN I received a call to go in for a Customer Service position at the Nex. I went in for the interview and was told on hand that I received the job. I was told what day to come in to begin orientation and the time as well.

Here is my issue, and pros and cons of both as well as the initial questions I have for anyone that knows. Since I am going back to school online, the CDC seems like its a great option for me since I could work Monday-Friday and I can use my weekends to study/homework. The CDC is also going to pay more and it COULD transfer into a GS position. The bad thing is there are no benefits since this is a flexible full time position. (I'm not concerned with the insurances but the 401(k) is my #1 concern).


With the NEX position, it pays signifantly lower I would be inclined to work on weekends and they have blackout days (where I cannot request any time off) in the month of August and November 1st thru January 1st.  My husbands birthday is in August and mine is in November so this immediately got my attention when i realized for the next three years if I took this position we would not be able to travel Europe or go anywhere to celebrate our birthdays. BUT you get benefits with this position and you they match your 401(k).

Since the Nex only has the benefits that I want, I'm leaning more towards the CDC and maybe just opening a Roth IRA on my own, but if anyone works or has worked at the CDC's can you explain the Flexible Full Time Employee position to me? And do you get holidays off working at the CDC? Also, if I am a flexible employee does this mean I can NEVER take a day or two off or is it just unpaid?

Thanks to anyone for the help and responding, i always appreciate the help.

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