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Ramstein AB

The hubbers just got Germany!  YAY! We're super stoked, but Im lost!  I and all 3 of our kids have passports & no med issues so we should be good.  But Im totally new to this.  He's deployed until 30 days before we move (we're going in the spring of next year-he's on a 365).  He waived the 120 days thiing.  So any advice for the PCS or things to do once we're there?  Thank you!!!



We are currently stationed in the Ramstein area. We have been here since mid October. We like it pretty well but it's just VERY different from living in the states. We live off base in Einsiedlerhof which is just outside of the gate to Ramstein. We really like living off base because it seems like there is a lot of drama in the on base housing from what I hear. With the allowance they give us to live off base we got a way nicer house than we would have on base. And we got lucky and got a house in a perfect location to everything. The ramstein area is made up of several smaller bases and we are kind of in the middle and we are really close to the autobahn so it's easy to get places. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! Either here or send me a message :-) 

I've lived in Heidelberg, Germany for awhile now. Its about an hour from Rammstein. Rammstein is the base where everyone goes to do their shopping. They just put a new "mall" in. It has a large food court, movie theatre, px, power zone, and other small shops around it. It is not like a stateside mall at all. There is a chilis on post as well as the airport where MAC flights can be taken from. Its a pretty large base and like I said that is where everyone goes to shop. The school is known for its athletics. They were my high school rivals. :p As for the area off post I am not to familiar with it. I hope this helps a little bit when it comes to the post itself. Germany is great and out of all the places I lived I consider it my home. You will really enjoy it and the opportunities it offers. Take advantage of it, I don't think Rammstein is closing anytime soon but I know Heidelberg is as well as other surrounding bases.  

My husband and I just got orders for next spring 2013 as well, and i'm looking for info too! More like off base, on base housing? Hear of anything let me know?

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