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Unique Army relationship

Hey everyone. I have kind of a unique relationship with my soldier! We started seeing each other about a month ago knowing he was leaving in a month for basic. We both got more attached than we should have but we never really made our relationship official. We were just dating but not seeing anybody else either. I also asked him if he wanted to make our relationship official but he told me that he doesn't want to before he leaves because he doesn't want to be in a committed relationship since he's leaving and he doesn't want me to be tied down while he's gone. He said our relationship shouldn't go over a friend level while he's gone but he said that he's still going to write me as much as he can. I just don't know how often I should write or if I should send pictures or not since we're not the normal military relationship. Also does anybody think this situation is sketchy? Like should I get out before I get hurt or stick with it and see what happens when he gets back? Haha. This whole thing is so confusing. :p 

I wouldn't call this situation sketchy or even a unique military relationship.  What you have is a normal, new relationship that will develop into either a good friendship or a bf/gf thing.  It seems to me that there isn't enough history to even contemplate the possibilities of being hurt.  Just relate to him as a friend and send as many letters as you want.  I wouldn't push the whole romantic relationship thing, since he has made it clear that now isn't a good time.  I don't see the need for pictures unless he specifically asks for them.  It sounds to me like you are moving forward too fast and he is just trying to deal with a new normal for his life.  He will be undergoing a life changing event and I wouldn't put all your hopes into getting the committed relationship you are searching for.

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