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Fort Sill, OK

My husband and I are PCSing to Fort Sill, OK in November! I have read many different things about fort sill, but I would like some Army wife advice about the area! We are on the list for on post housing... How is it? Are the wait lists longer than three months??

Also, I am a nurse... How are the hospitals in the area???

Any information about Fort Sill and the Lawton, OK area will help tremendously! Thank you!!

I never lived on post but they are building new housing and they look amazing. Check out the Facebook group "A Place for Fort Sill Wives & GF's" because they are amazing. A great resource to start learning about the area and events happening on Post. They also meet up twice a week so you can get out and meet other spouses.

The comissary is amazing and they have a great waterpark/recreation area called LETRA right off post. The MWR has a ton of things going on and everything for in and out processing (including MWR) are in one building so it makes everything easy. There is also a TON of history in the area including Fort Sill, which use to be a frontier post. You will also be right next to a wildlife refuge that has buffalo and long horns that roam freely.

There are a few hospitals in the area and I really enjoyed the post one. Frontier Medical Home is probably where you will go for medical care and that is just off post and is very good. Check out to find nursing jobs in the area.

Check out the 580 Roller Girls; it's a local rollery derby team and they perform once a month and have become very popular. I never had a problem in Lawton. It's the third largest city in the state and it does have crime, but you shouldn't have a problem.

There is a TON to do there and I really miss the place :)

My wife is a drill sergeant here on fort sill, we moved here in january. Was a big change for us since we moved here from Aberdeen Proving Grounds  in Maryland which is right outside of baltimore and a very small post. It is a large post post here at Fort Sill but there is not much in the area. Lawton has a K mart and a walmart as well as a decent mall. But for much of my shopping and to go do things with the family we often drive the 45 minutes to Wichita Falls in Texas.  OKC is a little over an hour drive.  As far as housing we had to wait 6 months to get on post but they are building all new homes so the wait time should be shorter and closer to the 3-4 month time frame. There is a large hospital on post and two in the Lawton community.

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