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We just registered for a Yellow Ribbon event in Orlando next month. I see Disney offers a 4 day pass at a discounted rate but we won't need that many days. Does anyone know if they offer a discount for a 1 day pass and if not, how do you save money going there? With their normal one day pass it would still cost us almost $400. Being that my husband is still unemployed (we're reserve and he came home from overseas in March), we don't have a lot of money to spend but we REALLY want to go to one of the parks down there since we'll be there anyway. Any info would be greatly appreciated. =)

There is no discount for a 1 day pass unfortunately through Disney itself.  You can look to see if there is places around the area to get tickets at a cheaper amount or if there is someone who has a valid Military ID card they can go to Shades of Green MWR and buy discounted tickets there.  You will also have to pay for entrance/parking into the DisneyWorld complex. I would suggest you take your own lunch with you as it is cheaper than buying food there.

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