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Fighting With Myself

Ok.. I'm gonna try to make this as short and sweet as possible. I work at a financial institution and I have been there for about a year and 1/2. I I am the most advanced representative at our branch and my coworkers come to me for help all the time. Well our assistant manager and manager at our branch are both leaving soon. The assistant manager is leaving the beginning of the month. I wanted to try for her position so I talked to my manager about it. She said that the executives were very strict on qualifications and that she felt that is was not the right time for me to try. I then found out that my interest was already mentioned to the executive over our department and she wasnt against me trying for it. When I mentioned this to my manager she got furious with me at first because she thought I was going behind her back (which I wasnt at all) but then she said that after she thought about it she said that she would have done the same thing if she were in my shoes. She told me that I was a fighter and that I "had balls" for fighting for it. She is going to sign a waver for me to be considered for the position even though I havent been there they amount of time that qualifies yet. Our branch is going through a lot of stress right now with all the changes and if I get the position I would be thrilled but at the same time I am soooooo beyond scared that I may not be good enough. I just know that I want the position but I'm terrified. I am so scared and nervous but I also knew that if I didnt at least try I would always regret and wonder "what if". I want to be good enough. Just dont know if I am. Some words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Wow!  Good job at seizing the day and the opportunity!!!   What do you have to lose?   Have you ever heard of a perfect boss who always makes the right decisions every time?!   Doesn't exist on this earth :-)  No one expects you to be perfect, and you shouldn't either.  Your boss and her boss see potential in you.  What I would stress in the interview is that, #1 you know the bank procedures/way of business and you have positive relationships with staff and customers, so you would be a seamless fit, #2 you don't expect to have all the answers the first day, but you have proven to be a team player already.  Then mention things you admire about how the company runs efficiently/ethically, then mention an idea or two for small projects or improvements to streamline customer satisfaction and/or employee efficiency.   You don't have to think BIG ideas (that might actually make them nervous LOL)  just show them that you care about the company and the customers.  You can broach any BIG ideas you have after you get the position -- or if you do have a big idea, mention implementing only a small component of it first.   Go for it!!!  Just applying will be a great learning experience!


I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!!! ;) I bet you'd be great in the position since you say you've been there a year and a half and that you're more advanced than your co-workers (can't remember if that's exactly how you phrased it, but that was the gist, right?), and I'm kind of thinking that your manager has a little fear of her own capabilities if she got that mad at you. Anyone with initiative is going to go after a potential promotion... don't let her second guess yourself.


Update us if you get it!

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