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Cheating Husband

Not to be negative, but from the things I have seen in the military, probbbably very little--especially since he is an officer.  I am sorry you are going through it, but I have seen only one other person who was reprimanded for this sort of thing, and he was a sergeant.  He was warned numerous times to end it, and when he didn't (at that point he was living on base with his new girlfriend) they finaly demoted him., but only specialist.  They only did that after his wife got proof that he was calling his girlfriend--something he was ordered not to do.

My husband who's an Air Force Colonel having sex with a married civilian co worker in his office. What would happen to him if his boss finds out?

We are a Marine Corps family so it may be a little different, but my husband says that most likely he would be forced to retire at a minimum....if you decide to, with proof, go to the media or make a public deal out of it he could lose his command and possible lose  rank.  More than likely relocation for him while it is getting resolved.  Sorry you have to deal with this, good luck.

I would think that he would be demoted or let go.  Sorry to hear about it.  

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