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I don't see why you getting a honest job would affect your husband's job.  If anyone has a problem with it you could just tell them that you don't see anything wrong with working for a company that donates to breast cancer research.

I wouldn't worry about  what other people think.  As long as your husband is ok with it.  In all of my years as a military wife. I have never been judged by my job and if I have, no one has said anything--and I wouldn't care if they did.  It won't affect your husband career.

Hey all!

So let me start off by saying I am looking for a serving job (with no prior experience) and almost no one will hire a server and train unless they have experience serving. So I talked to a friend who said Hooters would hire women with no experience and train them. So I check out their website, and sure enough it confirms what she told me.


So I guess my question is what do you all think of a military spouse working at Hooters? Would it be looked down upon in the military family? I don't want to make my husband "look bad." It's not like I am trying to work at a gentlemen's club or any of that, but I jut thought I would get some opinions.

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