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Fair weather friends? Lets talk about fair weather family.

Cutting his sisters because they are two faced and scandalous. When have you said enough is enough? How do you deal when you are forced in the same area ex. Holidays birthdays ?




Well, let's see... I, personally, make sure I leave all my matches and gasoline at home. I start practicing the phrase "Oh, bless your heart" in front of the mirror until it's perfected to relay several different meanings. And I also insult them under my breath in another language, while smiling. I prefer German. ;)


Seriously though, my husband and I have decided that it's best to get a hotel room for those visits that are overnight. Even family members I love dearly can get on my last nerve. When it comes to those scandalous family members and knowing when to say enough is enough, that's hard. You've just got to decide how you're going to handle the worst case scenario ahead of time. Then you'll be better prepared for just about anything. Some people thrive on drama and they will try to pull you into it. Don't let them. If you're in the same room with them and they start up with their insults, drama, criticisms, or whatever their poison is, try to think of them being on stage on a Jerry Springer show. Think of them as your entertainment. You can't change them, no matter what. All you can do is control yourself... and don't go looking for matches or scissors.

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