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PCS moves on hold?

I havne't been on here since the site switched over but I have a question that only other military can answer. 

We are trying to find out if my hubby will be coming down on PCS orders anytime soon. We are currently at Knox and he just returned for a deployment. He emailed his branch manager a few months ago asking if we would be coming down on orders or staying here when he got back. He was told to contact his branch at the end of the year. When he did that, the guy told him to contact him as soon as he got back in the states and he'd have information for us. Hubby contacted him once he got back and now the branch manager is saying he can't tell him if we are PCS'ing or not. He said that with the budget cuts that PCS moves are being put on hold. So, my hubby asked him if that meant we were staying here (we are looking into buying a house if we stay here but don't want to if there is a chance we'll come down on orders 3 months after we buy something). The branch manager emailed back and said that he can't say we are staying here either. 

We've been trying to find out something since October and still aren't getting any answers. I understand that we can't be guaranteed to stay here for the rest of his career (5 years left), but I'd like to know SOMETHING!! I feel this guy just keeps avoiding doing his job and keeps putting us off. 

So, has anyone else heard that PCS moves are on hold right now? Is anyone else having problems like this? All of my friends who have looked into PCSing or staying here have had no problems finding out and some even have orders now. 





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