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Travel Advice!!

My DH is currently stationed in S.Korea. We were approved a pass to visit and leave.  I'm afraid to commit to a ticket because we have lost money due to a change in his orders before. Last time it was a $300 ticket (got charged a $150 change fee AFTER I HAD PURCHASED INSURANCE TO PREVENT THAT VERY THING!!) This flight is obviously more expensive... If I buy a refundable ticket it is 5x the price, insurance has so many loopholes and restrictions.. I don't know what to do! I can NOT be the only MilSO with this issue... Right?! PLEASE HELP!! Thank you in advance!

Q: Dear Sally: I was dumped over a promotion!

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Q: Nervous about Nookie after Deployment?

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Q: Worried about OPSEC?

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Q: Are You Slowly Going Insane in Base Housing?

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Q: Should we consider geo-baching?

A: At what point should we let our kids have a say in whether or not we accompany their dad on his next PCS? Our children, ages 15 and 17, have really... Read more.

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