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Dating a Soldier Long Distance. Need some support

So I met my boyfriend while I was going to University and he was stationed near by. Things were great for the 1st month because we were able to see each other regularly. He is Army Airborne and was re-stationed to Fort Bragg, NC. We have been together a year now. I graduated and have moved back home with my parents and work for my dad. My parents have never met him. We have actually only seen each other ever 3-4 months. The last time I saw him was in September. Here are my problems:
1. My parents are old school Southern Baptist and even though they have never met my bf, they already have stuck in their heads the typical army stereotypes about him, which is so dumb. They also do not like that he is originally from NJ and is not religious. So I get no family support whatsoever.
2. I have not really made friends since I've moved back with my family and working for family doesn't help either. I have friends but they are all moms and stay busy.The other people I know are party people and I'm not.I never really get out and do fun things because I don't have friends to do things with.
3. My bf has been on gate detail for 9months which has made it hard for him to get down here, that and getting approved for leave. He is now off the gate but the army owes him a large amount of back pay which he constantly talks to superiors about. He doesn't know when that is going to go through. Basically, that is the money for my engagement ring which he wants to show my father.

4. He is most likely getting deployed in July. Our plan was for him to come here, meet my parents, get engaged, and I would move there so we could spend as much time together as possible before deployment.

This long distance is killing me. I just want to be with him before deployment because I've been through a deployment before and it sucks. I don't have the money to go visit him and really feel it's time for him to come here bc all the other times, I've gone to him. I know it's not his fault but I also need to start looking for another job but don't know where to look because I don't know where I will be living. I just don't know what to do. I love him more than anything but how long do I wait for something to happen? I am sad and lonely all the time and not knowing when I will see him again kills me. He's on rapid deployment status now as it is and I just can't help feel hopeless...No one around me understands the pain I'm in, I hide it. My parents love that it's hard, hoping I will break up, even call him my friend not "bf"...I feel so lost and alone

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