When you’re taking care of multiple kids, your husband is on deployment or you’re working 40 plus hours a week it can feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. However, no matter how stretched thin you may feel, it’s still important to find time for yourself and for your health. Online workouts are a great tool during these busy times in your life. It can make finding time for yourself and exercise as easy as pressing play. Here are a few of my favorite exercise programs you can do from home:


Website: www.barre3.com

What is it: An online workout program that’s a mix between pilates, ballet and yoga.

Pros: If you’re pressed for time it’s very easy to find a Barre3 workout to fit your schedule. The videos range from 10 minutes to an hour in length. All of the videos have modifications for those that are expecting or have any knee or joint problems. The program is also very cost effective at only $15 per month and they offer a one week free trial so you can check it out before you commit. Based on my own personal experience, these workouts are great for your booty and if done regularly you’ll definitely see results there, always a plus!

Cons: Although the videos are great for toning, depending on your fitness level you may not work up more than a light sweat so the videos on their own may not be enough to meet your weekly cardio goals as well.

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