How often have you said, “I’ll start working out tomorrow” or maybe “I’ll start on Monday”?

The hardest part of working out is taking that first step and getting started.

After that, the hardest part is finding the time.

Am I right?

Between your spouse’s chaotic work schedule, your schedule and just trying to find time to fit everything in, working out can seem like a pipe dream.

If you’re anything like me, I always thought I would “find” the time, and yet I could never “find” the time. I had always been active throughout high school and college, but after having my first daughter I found it difficult to fit it in. I tried so many times to overhaul everything at once and failed. So I started by taking it slow and working out at home since my schedule revolved around my daughter.

Because I know how hard it can be to get out of the house to work out, Nicole Pitts and Lindsay Duerson with Delta Life Fitness have developed this workout specifically FOR YOU, the military spouse!

This workout can be done in the comfort of your home and the best part- all you need is your body and a small space!

  1. Do each of the following movements with the amount/time that is specified.
  2. Then complete 3 to 4 rounds.

15 jumping jacks

Step 1


Step 2

Jumping Jacks Step 2

10 pushups

 Step 1


 Step 2


45 sec – 1 min plank


Try and hold this position for up to 1 minute! Remember, practice makes perfect.

12 tricep dips

Step 1


 Step 2


You can use a sturdy chair for this exercise.

10 curtsy lunges (each leg)

Curtsy Lunge

No need to go to the gym or find a babysitter. If you follow this workout, you will easily start seeing results. You’ll get stronger and feel better knowing this is definitely something you can accomplish.

And who doesn’t want to feel accomplished?

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