• E


  • EAF

    Expeditionary Aerospace Force

  • EAOS

    End of Active Obligated Service

  • EFMP

    Exceptional Family Member Program

  • EOD

    Explosive Ordinance Disposal

  • EPR

    Enlisted Performance Report


    Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Listing

  • ERB

    Enlisted Records Brief, the record the Armed Forces maintains that shows everything your spouse has done, i.e. deployments, schools, rank, marital status etc.

  • ERD

    Early Return of Dependents

  • ESC

    Enlisted Spouses Club

  • ESGR

    Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

  • ESWS

    Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist

  • ETS

    Expiration of Term of Service

  • EWC

    Enlisted Wives Club (title being phased out in favor of ESC)

  • EXW

    Expeditionary Warfare