Question: How do you interact with or find other homeschoolers so to avoid isolation? – Emily BB

Answer: Great question Emily! Many (30+) years ago, homeschooling was a true oddity. Connecting with others was much more difficult and fears of isolation were a real threat. Today, however, the idea homeschoolers lack socialization options is a myth! My greatest obstacle now is to limit the amount of activities/groups we’re involved in!

Whether you are homeschooling in the U.S. or OCONUS, there are numerous opportunities available for support and social interaction for kids and parents:

 Local Homeschool Support Groups

 Homeschooling Co-ops

 Homeschool Athletic Programs

 Homeschool “Clubs” / Activities

 Online Support Groups

 Online / Distance Learning

 Dual-enrollment (high school

 Statewide Organizations

Additional Socialization Opportunities: Don’t feel socialization must be solely with other homeschoolers. Kids can engage with others within your neighborhood and community. Look for youth programs for sports, specialty clubs, church activities, play groups – even library hours!

Final thought – if you don’t find a club / program which meets your child’s particular interest, consider starting one and ‘advertising’ it within your local homeschool community or family center on base! Someone always has to be first and you are likely to find others in the same boat!

Let us know if you have more questions or need help finding a group in your area! Connect with our Military Homeschoolers support group on Facebook!



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