My husband is joining the military and shipping out in a few months. He will be on the OCS path, and I am wondering if any officers’ wives find it better for their children to homeschool as opposed to post schools? Also, my oldest, age six, has a father who will live back home in Illinois, is it easier to homeschool him so we can trade off easier? Thank you


First off, congrats to you & your husband on this new stage of military life!

As you are aware, military families are notoriously ‘on the move’. It can get a bit nerve-wracking for kids (and parents!) to shift repeatedly — starting over in new schools, with new curriculum, new teachers and new rules to follow.

Homeschooling has become a more popular option for military families in recent years… including for officers. Kids find security as their education can easily resume without struggling to adapt and fit into a new system. While your spouse is engaged in training or assignment, your ability to connect with family *and* still maintain your homeschooling regime is an additional benefit.

When he does have time off (days off, vacation time, etc.) – you won’t be locked at home tied to a school schedule. This boost for family time can be even more treasured with military families who may be facing long periods of deployment.

Your custody situation presents a few more pluses for homeschooling. Again, homeschooling can offer you much more flexibility for visitation planning. If you opt for an online / distance learning curriculum either full time or as a supplement, your son could possibly work on assignments while away if there is downtime with dad.

(*Tip*: Since long distance visitation time tends to be more limited than frequent weekend visits, you probably will not wish to place too many demands for school work while your son is there. By supporting them both, you are more likely to have your ex remain supportive of both your move and educational choices.)

Good luck with your discernment. Please let us know if you have any more questions here!

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