10 Things Military Spouses Are Grateful For This Christmas

December is a lot of things. It’s a season of happiness, laughter, family, present buying, baking, cold weather, reflection, regrowth and so many other things that sometimes it feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye. Before you let the magic of this season flash before your eyes, I suggest you take a moment to reflect on the last year and remember all the things you’re grateful for this December. After all, the most wonderful time of year only comes once a year, so try to slow down, reflect on the beauty of the season and enjoy it. Here are a few things myself and other military spouses are thankful for this season:

I’m thankful that my husband is on shore duty for the next few years. It feels like a novelty to actually see him every day and develop our regular married life routines together. I appreciate it because I know it’s short lived. I’m also incredibly grateful to have friends that make an effort to contact me and keep me included in their daily lives even though I no longer live near them. – Ashley F.

military spouse - thankful this Christmas

“That my spouse is home for the holidays! We have spent many holidays apart.” – Michelle A.

military spouse - thankful this Christmas

“For friends that have become family.” – Rebecca A.

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“I am thankful for finding joy in a duty station I thought I’d hate!! And I’m thankful for my kittens!” – Amy B.

military spouse - thankful this Christmas