35 Things a MilSpouse Should NEVER Say

We have lists of things that military spouses never say and things that military spouses often say. We have shared questions that make the military spouse cringe.

But what about those things that the military spouse really SHOULD NOT ever say?

Are there things that make our own community cringe when they hear come from the mouth of a husband or wife of a service member? Certainly. Add to that the things that will make Murphy laugh out loud if you dare to speak of, and you have our latest 35 list! Our group of collaborators came together to share things that, really, we wish our fellow spouses just wouldn’t say! What would you add to this list?

Contributors: Katie Foley, Jennifer McDonald, Erin Whitehead, Michelle Aikman, Rebecca Alwine, Stacy Huisman, and Morgan Slade.

35) “Do you KNOW who my husband is?”  No. And even if we did, it doesn’t matter. Let us get to know YOU.

34) “The commissary sucks!” Or any other service on base. Just enjoy the privilege, please… or go to Wal-mart if it isn’t your cup of tea.

33) “I’m calling the command!” It is usually a really bad idea to do this. Let your service member deal with the problem. Or, if it is a true family issue, exhaust all of your resources through your family readiness program first before ever even thinking these words.

32) “What is your spouse’s rank?” Rank doesn’t matter in the military spouse world, or it shouldn’t. If everyone stopped asking this question or caring about rank, and just focused on being friends with people who you have stuff in common with, there would be a whole lot less drama. Service members may be bound by rules about fraternization, but spouses are not. (“My Friend, the High-Ranking Officer Spouse”)

31) “Well, it couldn’t get any worse!” No!!!  You are just begging Murphy to blow up your dishwasher if you say this!

30) “My spouse will be home from deployment in X amount of days.” You might not be giving troop movements, so maybe this isn’t an OPSEC violation… but it not be the smartest idea in regards to PERSEC. For tips of staying safe during deployment read this!

29) “ALL of the people at this base are horrible!” Have you met every single person on the base? Doubtful. Keep looking! There are great people everywhere you go, we promise!

28) “Your spouse’s deployment isn’t/wasn’t as hard as the one we are going through.” No two deployments are the same, no two people deal with them the same… and what is hard for one person may not be for the next. No more compare and contrast! Just appreciate that everyone has challenges, and let’s support one another.

27) “I don’t care if it’s inappropriate, I want to show more cleavage at the ball!” Please read the following: “Ten Tips for Choosing a Classy, Not Trashy Ball Gown”

26) “Out of ALL the things the movers will pack… what is the likelihood that ONE antique will get broken? I think we’re good.”  Seriously. Just put it in the mini-van… the dog can sit in your lap while you travel across the country.

25) “This business OWES me a military discount.” We so appreciate saving a few dollars with retailers who offer a military discount, but it is not a right.

24) “Goodbye” to friends. Should always be “until we see each other again”

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