4 Reasons You SHOULD Live on Base

Base housing. Is it the right decision for your family? The answer will be different for each military family, and can be different from one PCS move to the next. We have lived both on base and off… and I have my lists of pros and cons. You can read the other side of this coin, “4 Reasons You Should NOT Live On Base”… but for now, let’s focus on those positives, shall we.

1) It’s usually pretty dang easy. Moving is not ever easy, but when you move on base, unless there is a huge waiting list, it is pretty much a “sign here and collect your keys” kind of proposition.

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That can be amazingly refreshing when you have just spent four days trapped in a vehicle with a husband who won’t follow the GPS directions because “they don’t know what they are talking about”, a dog that never had gas until you decided to move him cross country, a toddler who isn’t happy unless that weird Dora CD is playing, and a few other kids who you are sure are buried beneath all of the things you just couldn’t bear to let the movers pack but you are now prepared to ditch on the side of I-10.

When you live on base you don’t have to look at 400 rental properties, don’t have to come up with first and last month’s rent and utility deposits, and as long as you have the right number and kind… you don’t have to worry about pet deposits either.

Easy, breezy… lemon squeezy.

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