Military Life

4 Things About MilSpouse Life That Makes Our Civilian Friends Think We’re Nuts

2. They’re “Only” Away for [Insert Time Frame]

“Oh, he’s only going to the field for a month!”

After a while, I realized that I didn’t really mind that my husband was going to be gone for field exercises aplenty. If he’s home — awesome. If not? Life ticks on regardless.

Also, I noticed that everything compares to the worst time — after a deployment, who gives a hoot if he leaves for a week/a fortnight/a month? The first deployment is big and scary in so many hideous ways, but if there’s one positive to come out of it, it’s that you truly learn how to deal on your own again.

So when your civilian pal’s jaw drops because you forgot to mention that your spouse has been out in some desert range for the last couple of weeks, I guess you know the life you live is a little crazy (and it’s cool).

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