Military Life

4 Things About MilSpouse Life That Makes Our Civilian Friends Think We’re Nuts

4. We Always Pick Up Where We Left Off

The military life will quickly make you realize that the term “long distance relationship” is not exclusively for lovers — oh no, it becomes much the same for friends and family, too.

Being so far removed from the lives of so many of my nearest and dearest made one thing, above all else, clear as crystal to me: That, while I love them endlessly, it’s impossible to keep close and constant communication open with everyone when you have so much going on.

Maybe it’s mad that I can genuinely call or text someone after a couple of months and feel that nothing is different? Quite honestly, it feels as though life out here exists in some strange continuum where weeks will pass in the blink of an eye. I know it’s grating, maddening, and bizarre to hear — but bear with us, loved ones. We’re trying!

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