5 Unexpected Items That Will Make Your PCS With Kids Easier

Four moves later and I’m STILL learning what to bring and not to bring…the suggestions from friends are endless.

Sometimes the advice is life changing and other times…not so much. Either way, when it comes to a military move – knowledge is power.

Information overload is welcomed.

The more ideas, the better!

Pick and choose what works for your family when it comes to making a PCS easier. The items below proved to be surprisingly helpful on recent PCS trips for families with kids – maybe one (or all) will work for you!

1 & 2. Gel Clings and Window Decals

Whether you’re flying on a long international flight or driving a few hours with little ones, gel clings and window decals can keep your kids busy. You can order themed clings online or just pop into your local dollar store – the inexpensive items will take your trip from boring to colorfully entertaining for your young children.

Allow them to let their imaginations run wild on as they create stories with their pictures and shapes on airplane windows or car windows.

3. A plastic shoe organizer

Hang this on the back of your car or van seats to organize drinks, snacks, flash cars and toys for kids. Gone are the days of trying to keep one hand on the wheel, while you reach behind you desperately trying to find a favorite toy or sippy cup.

Organize important ‘need-to-have’ items in the plastic shoe organizer BEFORE you start the road trip and you’ll know right where everything is!

Favorite items to put in each pocket include sippy cups, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, flash cars, crayons, small notepads and changes of clothes (shirts, undies and shorts).