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8 Things Every Military Spouse You Meet Will Know

Whether you’re PCSing from one coast to the other, or one country to another, there are some things you can always count on your new friends and neighbors to know.

Even if your family is transitioning out of the military and you bump into a military spouse in the future, some details of this lifestyle are engrained in us forever.

So as you begin any new adventure, do it with ease, because there are at least 8 things every military spouse you meet will know.

1. One of your friends

credit: Flickr CC, Nicola

credit: Flickr CC, Nicola

Though sprawled around the globe, the military community is actually a small community. And no matter where you go, someone, somewhere will know at least one of your friends.

Thanks to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch and document our experiences; it’s also easier to find connections between friends near and far.

We can guarantee that wherever you’re going – if you tell your friends you’re on your way, they’ll suggest a friend you’ll just love.

2. To avoid the Commissary on payday

credit: Flickr CC, US Army Corps of Engineers

credit: Flickr CC, US Army Corps of Engineers

It’s the most unwritten rule of any branch of the military, “Stay away from the commissary on payday!” But inevitably, doesn’t it seem like we always forget the golden rule?

It just so happens that payday is the day you run out of milk, decide to try a new recipe, or have to pick up something for a party. It always seems to be payday and by the time you’re inside pushing your cart, it’s too late to turn back…it’s payday and you’re stuck in the sea of hungry spouses with crying babies.

Once you make it to checkout (and realize you don’t have any cash to tip) and make it to your car, feeling guilty about not tipping the bagger and promising to leave a big chunk of money next time, you swear to yourself you’ll never make that mistake again and send a mass text to all of your friends reminding them to stay away.

3. How to get to the closest Target

credit: Flickr CC, Kevin Dooley

credit: Flickr CC, Kevin Dooley

No matter where you meet a military spouse, he or she will be able to tell you how close the nearest target is AND the best route to take.

4. A great doctor recommendation

credit: Flickr CC, Waldo Jaquith

credit: Flickr CC, Waldo Jaquith

There are some areas in life in which we all consider ourselves experts- healthcare is one of those fields. It doesn’t matter if you need to have a mole checked out, a pap spear, or are searching for the perfect pediatrician, every spouse you meet will have a recommendation and a story to go along with that recommendation as to why their doctors is “absolutely the best and you have to add him or her as your primary care manager.”

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