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8 Things We Wish Our Servicemembers Knew

Loud thoughts are a trademark of silent lips.

Why can’t we just say what/how we feel?

Why can’t honest communication be as easy as ordering a pizza over the phone?

Words are just words after all.

Yet we ALL know that as individuals living a military influenced lifestyle, that words are far more than just spoken phrases and sentiments.

Some subjects are difficult to talk about. Some feelings are hard to express without offending or labeling oneself as a “martyr,” or even worse terms.

Let’s prompt a brave conversation and enter a realm of complete honesty for a moment, free of labels and stereotypes.

Here are a few things we really wish our servicemembers knew-

1. You’ve changed, and that’s ok.

We’ve been fed this completely unrealistic idea that our core characteristics SHOULD go unchanged throughout courtship and marriage.

This mindset is a fantasy.

We send you to boot camp where humility is taught/forced. We send you to war where violent and horrific scenes or even the “lack of,” are happening in real time and altering the humanistic truths that seemed so concrete prior to war related observations.

These experiences change you even if the change is ever so small.

We want you to realize that as you change, so do we. Change is ok.

Our ability to approach the change we see in one another may not be countered with grace at times. Please be patient with us as we change and we will strive to be patient with you.

Most importantly, let us strive to embrace change and grow together.

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