29 Homecoming Signs We Love

The countdown is over! Your service member is finally about to return home and you are a bundle of nerves and excitement all rolled into one. You want everything to be perfect when you are reunited as a family. The fridge is stocked, the house is clean, you have picked out the perfect outfit for the day…and you are thinking of the perfect thing to write on a banner or poster board for the big moment. A group of our military spouse contributors compiled a list of 29 of our favorite homecoming signs! Have an awesome picture or saying to add to our list? Feel free to share!

Contributors: Erin Whitehead, MJ Boice, Kate Dolack, Morgan Slade and Cassandra Bratcher

unnamed-1 Lcpl Benson: 1 broken collarbone, 10 care packages, 145 Skype dates, 160 days alone, can I get 1 kiss already?

“The USMC had you for 7 months…but tonight you are ALL mine!”

“Welcome home, Daddy! I’ve waited my entire life to meet you!” (Baby born during deployment)unnamed-2

“Next Mission: Operation Nookie! And you’re in command!”

“Yes, this is your wife!!” (After significant weight loss)

“Welcome home, Mommy! Daddy gives good hugs… but yours are the best!”


“Super Man Returns!”unnamed-6

“Dad, so glad you are home. Mom quit 2 weeks ago!”

“I’d wait for you forever, but a year is long enough!”

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