Ridiculously large grandma skivvies…..check!

Seabag check list complete.  Nowhere on that list does it say spouse.  I can remember people joking that a spouse wasn’t issued in your seabag, but until I enlisted, I didn’t know just how true that was.  I thought I was prepared for what was coming.  I knew my husband and I would have some extra challenges being a dual military couple.  I had no idea what I was in for.

I knew the military has policies and instructions on how to station dual military couples together.  I read every word of those while I was in a-school to make sure I knew what to expect.  I even got orders less than three hours from my husband.  I wasn’t expecting there to be fine print on those instructions that state if you are a first term sailor (or Marine) then the military doesn’t have to follow the 90 mile rule.  I wasn’t prepared for having my orders taken from me and being told I would be stationed 502 miles away from my husband instead.  I wasn’t ready to find out I was going to the last city in the world I wanted to be stationed.

Once I finished having a meltdown in the middle of Mississippi, I hiked up my grandma skivvies and started moving forward.  I read more instructions and policies about dual military couples than I ever wanted to.  I was surprised at how many instructions came with fine print.  I wasn’t entitled to separation pay because I didn’t share an address with my husband before we were married.  I wasn’t able to try to receive transfer orders because I was a first term sailor.  So many instructions were out there to help us, and other dual military couples, but I couldn’t use them because I wasn’t in the military long enough for them to apply to me.

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