Duty Station

5 Things Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Your New Duty Station

“Honey, I got my orders. We’re going to…..”

Aren’t those every military spouses favorite words?

It sends visions of pack outs, broken furniture, paperwork nightmares and new jobs flying right through your head as soon as you start thinking about going to yet another new duty station.

While it’s not always a smooth transition from your current duty station to a new duty station, there are a few things we can all keep in mind to help changes seem a little less overwhelming.

And in case they don’t work, I have a recommendation for a great wine that goes wonderfully with a bubble bath and a bag of Dove chocolates…

1. School can be tricky


Parents have an added stressor when it comes to PCS season.

Trying to find the right school for the youngest members of the family isn’t always an easy task. You can look at every website for school ratings only to find yourself on the wrong side of the street to enroll your child in the 5-star school you expected.

When you’re looking into schools, look not only at which ones have the best ratings, but also look at the city lines to find out EXACTLY where you have to live in order for your child to go there.

Look at the waiver policy for the city. Some cities are willing to give district waivers to students if the parents are able to provide the transportation to get their child to the school.

And look into what special programs schools in the city offer.

From students that have special needs to those who want to be a part of advanced academy style teaching, there is more than just good districts to look at.

Oh, and in case you’re unhappy with all the public schools in the area, look to see if your base is near a DoD school.

Because what a lot of people don’t realize is that DoD schools aren’t just overseas!

There are DoD schools right here in the states and as a military dependent you get first crack at enrolling your child there before they open extra spots up to the general public.

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