Why Do You Need a Military Homecoming Photographer?

Guest Post: Wynona Benson, Photographer

Photo Credit: Wynona Benson

Why do you need a military homecoming photographer?

I get that question a lot. And when I was standing there waiting for my client’s husband  a couple days ago, I thought: I really need to take the step and write about this. Homecoming is long, and yet it’s very short. After a deployment, your homecoming is almost as important as your wedding day, or the day he proposed, the day you got engaged, etc. And the thing is, homecoming is very unpredictable. Unlike weddings, we can’t really plan, we can’t save the date, and we most certainly can’t tell you what time he/she will be there.

So why do you need a professional photographer to photograph your Homecoming?

1. You want this very special moment to be remembered
How often do you experience deployments? You might want to tell me your spouse is deployed almost every year. Last year, you went to his homecoming with your two year old toddler running around. But this year, you’re probably going to his homecoming with a three year old… and a baby. How different will that be? How happy are you going to be when you see your spouse and when you are finally in his or her arms? Words can’t even explain those happy tears, the feeling of relief, and the joy of being reunited. You don’t get that on your face everyday.

2. Only professional photographers can capture those moments and emotions
Can you believe how much practice it takes for a photographer to actually capture that moment without a second delay? As soon as your spouse gets off the bus, plane, or the gate, how long is it going to take for them to walk to you and give everyone a hug? Ten seconds? One minute?

What time is homecoming? Only a professional photographer can handle harsh mid day light, or use a nice flash during night. How I love sunset natural and soft light, but 99% of homecomings don’t happen at that time.

What about the moment? When it comes to homecomings, it’s not about the amazing light, it’s about the moment. You want a professional photographer that can capture you both right at that moment when he/she is kissing you, giving you the very first hug, or the two seconds smile on his/her face when he/she sees you in person for the very first time after months.

3. You want to focus on you and the moment—Just like your wedding day.

Why do you need a wedding photographer? Because you want the moment to be captured. I would still want to take a selfie with him/her eventually. However, you can’t take a picture of the moment while you’re hugging/kissing. And you will be forever grateful your photographer captured that moment. Forty years later, you can still tell your grandchildren that was the first kiss after your first deployment. How amazing is that?

I love homecomings! Seeing families and loved ones reunited is a joy that fills the entire space.  These are the moments that remind me of what matter most in this life, and why we do what we do. And hey! I would love to be your Homecoming Photographer! 🙂

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