Meet These Army Spouses From Around the World

June 14, 1775: The Second Continental Congress formed the Continental Army as a means for the 13 unified American colonies to fight Great Britain for independence. They unanimously elected George Washington as the Commander-in-chief.

Since then, the Army has stood as one of the proud pillars of the United States Military, fighting through numerous wars first to gain our freedom, and then to defend it.

This month, we are honored to wish the Army a happy 242 birthday.

One of the best ways we could think of to celebrate the Army is to celebrate the achievements of our Army Spouse of the Year community. Take a peek at what some of our Army SOYs around the world are up to these days!

Dave Etter. This here 2016 AFI Army Spouse of the Year has been podcasting away, and developing even more! My flagship podcast is Male Military Spouse Radio Show, I’m co-host of Spouse Spouts (with Air Force spouse Susan Reynolds) and I am launching SpouseWorld 1to1.

Melissa Stauder Kreitzer. I’m in Kaiserslautern, Germany, and a DA civilian, active community volunteer, AUSA officer, mom of Army brats and proud Army spouse!

Maria Mola. I secured the program funding we needed through a private donation to open 16 additional transition housing beds for homeless veterans. We just started offering AFTB classes again in Monterey and I’m an instructor. I’m also restructuring our company FRG and working with the Army Ball committee to plan an event worthy of celebrating the Army!

Hope N. Griffin. Volunteering and writing.

Lauren Hope. My everyday military life includes volunteering, raising kids and growing my Etsy shop. We are currently stationed at West Point, N.Y.

Evie Ann King. I’m working at InDependent and on our annual virtual summit that will be in October. I’m acting in theater productions during my “free time” and collaborating with local military spouse groups to maximize resources and reach the Bragg milspo population.

Elizabeth Groover. DA Civilian, active community volunteer, completing doctoral dissertation, mom of four and proud Army spouse!

Rebecca Roland Hyleman. We are currently at West Point, N.Y., but are headed to El Salvador to be at the U.S. Embassy. My husband is an Army Foreign Area Officer assigned to Latin America (48B). Daily life is coordinating a local food pantry, serving as VP of the local DoDEA school board, serving on the spouse’s club board, raising three children, owning my business, being a supportive friend and trying to figure out how to cut through some red tape to build a nonprofit to benefit military and state department spouses. This will be my 11th house in our 15 years of marriage.