6 Super Smart PCS Move Tips You’ll Actually Use

PCS Move

The idea of your next PCS move is probably already making you cringe. It is a high stress situation filled with uncertainty. You do everything you can to have a smooth move, but every one of us has had one of those PCS moves that we’re only just finally ready to talk about.

The best advice I can give is to learn from your past moves and learn from your friends’ past moves. If you are new to the process, don’t be afraid to ask others for their PCS Move lessons learned. After each PCS move, write down what worked out well for you and what you would change for next time. These are the essential tips that I have learned along the way:

1. Make a PCS Binder

PCS Move

A fantastic way to stay sane during your PCS move is to create a PCS binder. This binder will be your lifeline for the next few months (and maybe even longer)! You can find templates for PCS binders online, or you can simply make your own. (get all the stuff for it here on Amazon.) I decided to use a 3-inch zipper binder to make sure that everything would stay inside. For our overseas move, 3 inches was really the minimum sized binder I could have used. Here are some must-haves for your PCS binder: page dividers, inventory list, calculator, pocket for receipts, pens, clear sleeves for documents, color coded reference sheet (see #3), travel documents and itineraries, budget, list of moving contacts, and calendar. It takes a little bit of discipline to remember to keep everything in the binder and keep it organized, but it will make the moving process so much easier.

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