Safely Buy, Sell, or Trade Your Goods Online With MilTribe


If you’ve been a military spouse for any length of time, you’re likely well acquainted with the common issues we all face: attempts to continue or complete education, childcare and school challenges, keeping the family afloat through deployments and separations, and the one I always always hear about in any forum of military spouses, anywhere, because it’s such an ongoing challenge…continuing a career and job portability.

It’s easy to think this is too hard and the odds are too stacked to do anything but throw in the towel. Trust me—there are days I feel like that, too. But hang tight. Here’s a new opportunity for military families!

MilTribe fits right in with other military spouses who’ve seen a challenge with starting a business and then responded positively instead of giving up. In fact, as they say,

If opportunities aren’t out there, we’re creating them.

Find Your Tribe!

Military families simply have different needs than their civilian counterparts, but they also have a rich history of caring for each other. Created in 2015, MilTribe builds on the strength of this community to offer a secure, military only online marketplace for buying, selling, and trading goods. Think of it as a Craigslist or Etsy shop for military, but with pre-screened members of the community you already know!

MilTribe also features exclusive members-only discounts and offers from major retailers, and then pays it forward by supporting numerous military led charities such as Adapt-a-Vet, the MilSpo Project, The Fisher House Foundation, and others.

How MilTribe Works

Milspouse Deb notes that there’s a scariness inherent in being on your own or separated from your loved one for extended periods. Connecting with a stranger online to buy or sell items may not be something you want to pursue, and you simply may not personally know anyone in your area yet. But now you can do these things within your “circle of trust”–the greater military family!

MilTribe was designed with safety for military families as their guiding philosophy. In their military-only marketplace, only verified current and prior service U.S. military members and their spouses can join. This includes Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, Veterans, Retirees and DoD civilians.