Military Life

The Good and the Bad of Having a Military Dad

Joining the military is an important decision for a young man or woman to make. Everyone has his own reasons to join the military. My dad decided that he wanted to be a part of our Army. I would like to share with you a list of pros and cons of having a military dad:


  1. Social Benefits: Being a serviceman, my father was given free Army base housing with the amount of money to cover utilities for our family. The government covered his vacation and holidays. I was privileged to all the perks and benefits of having a military dad such as cheap healthcare, free schooling, discounts at certain restaurants or theme parks. After retirement, he will get a pension that will help him cover most of his expenses.
  2. Opportunity to See the World: My dad has visited countries around the world that he would never have been able to afford visiting. The Army can be stationed in Europe or Asia; the Navy has bases all over the world. Traveling and discovering new places makes military living more interesting. I traveled much more than the kids my age.
  3. Advanced Training: Every position in the military requires different levels of education and training. That’s why my dad is always active and in good shape. His everyday activities help him stay strong and healthy. He keeps telling me that, “Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”
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