Trump Digest: How the New President’s Decisions Will Affect Our Military Life

Trump Digest

A comprehensive list of what President-elect Trump’s views are on foreign policy, military readiness and veterans affairs

Within the swirl of post-election discourse, one question seems to come up again and again: What does this mean for me?

In particular, military members and their families are wondering how President-elect Donald J. Trump’s proposals will impact their lives. The National Military Family Association even wrote an open letter to Trump, asking him to protect defense funding and to remember that going to war affects more than the service members; it affects the 2.9 million military family members, too.

While the true test will begin on Inauguration Day (January 20th, 2017) Trump has specified his plans through numerous channels during the past several months. For your information, we’ve digested his proposals that affect the military into three major areas: foreign policy, military readiness, and veterans affairs.