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Enter Your Pet’s Photo to be on the Military Spouse Magazine Cover

Do you have the coolest dog in the Air Force? Or a cat fashionista stationed with you in Italy? Maybe your Coastie family loves traveling with your adventuresome pup? We want your military family pet’s photo on our cover. If you are interested in your dog or cat’s photo appearing on the cover and inside the pages of Military Spouse magazine: listen up! We’re looking for dogs and cats with a military spouse and/or service member parent. Send us your cover-worthy picture, along with some shots we can use within the pages by June 15, 2018 to The photographer whose photos are selected will be given a $300 gift card. Important details: Please put in the subject line: September Issue Pet Photos. Tell us why your pet/photo deserves to be on the cover in 100 words or less. We just want your pet/pets in the photo – so no humans, please! Include your full-name, military affiliation (military spouse, veteran), branch, and photo credit that should be given. The person submitting the photos must be the individual who took the pictures and have full rights for us to use them in the magazine. Professional photographers are welcome. Remember: we are looking for a cover so leave space for our logo! This is not to set-up a photoshoot. We will use the actual photos that you send – so be sure to send us some awesome (high resolution) pictures! After we pick our favorite cover-pet, we will ask that you sign a photo release for use of the photos along with paperwork that is necessary for payment. Check out our fantastic covers here so you know our style. We can’t wait to see what you send us! – Connect with us on Facebook!