10 Inexpensive Ways To “Treat Yo’ Self” On A Budget

giphyLet’s be real here. Military life is a lot of things, but glamorous is NOT one of those things. Sometimes a girl or guy, needs a little glamour in their life. A little pamper…a little treat yo’self, if you know what I’m saying. I’m even going to argue that you deserve to treat yourself a little more than the average person.

Between deployments, long work days, PCS’s and all the other stresses of military life, taking care of ourselves is often the last priority but it shouldn’t be. A happier, more relaxed you is good not just for you, but for your entire family. Here are 10 ways to treat yourself on a budget next time you need a little you time:

1. Take a Bubble Bath

Is there anything more relaxing or refreshing than a long bubble bath? Best part is it’s a whole lot of relaxing for free! Or almost free. I recommend splurging on some Epsom salt and your favorite bubble bath to really relax your muscles and mind next time you need it.

2. Staycation

You don’t need to go anywhere to be in a vacation state of mind. Take a day off work or call a sitter and plan to do nothing but what makes you happy all day, whether that’s taking in the sights around your neighborhood, grabbing a drink at happy hour, or indulging in laying poolside all day and doing a whole lot of nothing.

3. Get a Pedicure

A manicure is nice and all but a pedicure holds my heart because, hello, free foot massage anyone? Look for new salons in your area or on Yelp or Groupon for salons offering a discount and go get some cute nails and quality time in one of those amazing massage chairs.

4. Eat Something Delicious


Buy your favorite piece of cake, cookie or ice cream and savor every. single. bite. There’s no time like the present to enjoy the things you love.

5. Buy Something New

Shop your local sales ads and treat yourself to a new outfit or lipstick in your favorite shade. You deserve it!

6. Get a Massage

Massages don’t have to be expensive. Check Groupon for deals for new massage places and facials. You can often find one for half off or even less!

7. Go to Happy Hour

Sometimes all you need to feel relaxed is to spend some quality time catching up with your friends over a couple drinks.

8. Get All Gussied Up

I know, I know, getting all fancy doesn’t sound like it would be pampering. It sounds stressful. It takes time to do your hair, your make-up and typically your favorite little black dress isn’t the most comfortable one. But it’s amazing how getting a little extra fancy can make you feel really good about yourself. Next time you need a little confidence boost, try taking the time to get all dolled up and you’ll be amazed how it can can make an otherwise ordinary day feel extraordinary!

9. Get a Fancy Coffee

Not to be a Basic whatever it is, but those pumpkin spice lattes really ARE that good. They’re a little too expensive to have on a regular basis but they’re worth it to indulge in every once in a while. Take an hour to sip your favorite beverage at your local coffee shop over a good book.

10. Go See a Movie By Yourself

Going to the movies by yourself gets a bad rap but it can actually be awesome. You get to sit in whatever seat you want, pick the movie AND you don’t have to share your popcorn. Go to a matinee of that movie that no one else but you wants to see and eat all the popcorn and candy you want.

What is your go-to way to relax?

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