Nicole Spaid is a “go-to” woman.

Whether you’re looking for solid, genuine advice, a little cheering up, or heck, even just a dose of kick butt enthusiasm, there is absolutely no one better to have in your corner than Nicole. It was no surprise when she was selected as the 2015 Armed Forces Insurance Marine Corps Spouse of the Year®; she is a rare gem who has touched the lives of every spouse she’s met. That’s why we asked her to share with us some of her top tips for navigating the military spouse world—all of which come directly from her life experiences.

  1. Be involved in your community. Volunteer!
  2. Stay Humble. We all have a story; we all have our own journeys, hardships and accomplishments. It is wonderful to learn from one another.
  3. Embrace your independence during those deployments.
  4. Know that most pains are GROWING pains. You will come out stronger from these moments.
  5. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is outside of your comfort zones that you will learn more about life and how amazing YOU are.
  6. We learn by listening.
  7. Patience is a necessity! Often your military member has as much control over orders, deployments, or situations as you do.  Remember you are a TEAM in this.
  8. Regardless of how long you stay in this military life, it is a marathon, not a sprint.
  9. Live in the moment. In the blink of an eye you will be in the home stretch of this life and you will realize that you just might miss all of this!
  10. Home is not a place. It is who you love and who chose to share your life with.
  11. Do only those things that you would be comfortable having your spouse do in your absence as well.
  12. Respect everyone’s journey. Especially your own.
  13. Your children will mirror your emotions.  Be aware of what you present to them and stay in tune to how they feel.
  14. Be proud of your military member’s accomplishments, achievements and promotions. Do not let them define who you spend time with.
  15. If you have benefited from someone’s help, remember to turn around and help raise the next generation that will follow you.
  16. Some of my best mentors were those who asked for my mentorship.
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