The real-life Rosie the Riveter, in Norman Rockwell’s iconic World War II painting, passed away last year. But her spirit and determination live on through Cameron Cruse and Lisa Bradley’s company R. Riveter, named for the face of American patriotism.

The two military wives from Murfreesboro, Tenn. founded their handbag and accessories company with a double mission: 1) Create jobs for military spouses “wherever the military takes them.” 2) Upcycle used and surplus military textiles and turn them into must-have handbags. They debuted their first product, the Grant tote bag, at a tradeshow in November 2011.

In a special Shark Tank episode featuring veteran businesses, Mark Cuban offered Cruse and Bradley $100,000 and a line of credit for new machinery for 20% equity in their company. They plan to spend the money on marketing, opening a new production warehouse and hiring more military spouses.

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