This is the year! The year I decided to go for it and run a FULL marathon! I have been saying it for years. I have run numerous half marathons and dozens of 5k’s… but a marathon? NEVER! Things have changed over time and this seems like the only running goal left to conquer. But how do you choose which marathon to run? What makes running a marathon so special? After thinking seriously about setting out to accomplish this goal, I sought out to run the Marine Corps Marathon. This JUST made SENSE!

This year, our family was relocated to the Quantico, Va., area… the mothership of the Marine Corps. With this iconic race running practically in our backyard, I knew I had to sign up. In addition to being geographically close, I am also a MARINE! Yes, this is the marathon for me. The camaraderie of running this race, running with brother and sisters that have all served in our beloved Corps and services. After being guaranteed an entry for the race, I still felt like I wanted to give back. In true Marine Corps fashion, I wanted to EARN my spot in the race. I then decided to fundraise with the Semper Fi Fund.

Semper Fi Fund is a unique and personal foundation that has helped members of our family directly. As I have embarked on this journey, I am confident that I have made the right choice to spend time focused around raising funds for an organization that helps with wounded and critically ill service members.

As the Armed Forces Insurance 2017 Marine Corps Spouse of the Year, I am honored to join forces with Semper Fi Fund, in an effort to raise funds for those who have sacrificed so much. It is during my training that I am humbled and remember those that have given so much for our country. When I need the motivation to keep going while running, I am reminded of the amputee that is running too. Or the son or daughter that lost their parent while serving. These are the subtle reminders that put things into perspective. With these thoughts in mind; I am encouraged and honored to be a part of such an amazing initiative.

You can help support Semper Fi Fund during my Marine Corps Marathon training, by making a monetary donation here.


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