American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) Announces Availability of Insurance and Financial Services to Military Spouses

Campaign dubbed Spouse Purchase Initiative represents the first of its kind in providing insurance purchase availability to all military spouses

RESTON, VIRGINIA – American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA), the country’s longest standing not-for-profit organization expressly serving all branches of the American Armed Forces community, has announced today the launch of its Spouse Purchase Initiative, a program that makes purchasing AAFMAA insurance and services available to the spouses of Active Duty servicemembers and honorably discharged veterans.

The program is a first of its kind in that previously, various forms of insurance were only made purchasable by the active duty members themselves on behalf of their families. The Spouse Purchase Initiative however, makes AAFMAA insurance and services purchasable by military spouses independent of their husband or wife in Active Duty. This offering empowers military spouses with the resources and choices to take care of themselves and their families while their husband or wife is abroad, on assignment, or otherwise unable or unwilling to commit to family financial needs.

AAFMAA has decided to implement this offering to fill a need in the military insurance market that it felt was universally neglected by providers. 93% of the military’s 1.1 million spouses are women, 71% of which have children. As these families are typically a younger generation, financial and insurance strategies are often an overlooked, yet extremely important aspect for family planning. Further, this initiative is intended to benefit our military families by removing the burden from Active Duty servicemembers and those veterans who have been honorably discharged, whose duties regularly involve(d) deployments and duties that keep them from home.

“For more than 137 years, AAFMAA has remained focused on its sole objective to provide military men and women with the insurance options and financial services they need to support themselves and their families,” said BG Michael J. Meese, USA, Ret., PhD and Chief Operating Officer at AAFMAA. “We believe that the Spouse Purchase Initiative continues our long-standing tradition of being “members-first” and a pioneer among military insurance and financial services providers. By making these options available to military spouses, we are ensuring peace of mind not only to those electing to purchase these offerings, but to their loved ones in Active Duty who protect this country.”

American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association (AAFMAA) is the longest-standing not-for-profit financial solutions provider that empowers the military community with affordable financial solutions – including life insurance, financial planning and investment services and mortgage offerings. For more information on this Association specifically, please visit

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