Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat who had been urging the Pentagon to act, also applauded Carter’s move.

“Secretary Carter made the right call to suspend efforts to collect bonuses and benefits that were given in error to soldiers who enlisted or reenlisted to serve our nation during war time,” he said in a statement. “While this will help some families sleep a bit easier at night, much more needs to be done, starting with Congressional legislation to waive these debts and to provide relief to soldiers who have already repaid some or all of the bonuses they accepted in good faith.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was glad “the Pentagon came to its senses.”

The Los Angeles Times broke the story over the weekend, stoking nationwide outrage.

The good news for the Haleys, whose son lost a leg while fighting in Afghanistan, came after Carter — in an exclusive interview with NBC News — blasted the treatment of thousands of soldiers who were being forced to return the bonuses they got for signing up for six more years.

“Well, of course I am outraged,” Carter said. “This is a case where we have a trust with the service members who have served us and … we need do justice. And we need to do it fast.”


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