Lemonade Day is a fun, free experiential learning program that teaches youth how to start, own and operate their own business…a lemonade stand! This year, to celebrate the Month of the Military Child, the Milspousepreneur Okinawa Chapter is hosting its second annual National Lemonade Day. It’s the day when youth around the world take to the streets of their communities to open their Lemonade stands and put the business skills they have learned into practice.

Launched in Houston, Texas in 2007, Lemonade Day has grown from 2,700 kids in one city to 1 million kids in 56 cities across America, Canada and South African. With the help of partners like Google, Lemonade Day will bring this entrepreneurial experience to 1 million kids in 100 cities across America, sparking entrepreneurship and empowering youth in a way that’s never been done to scale.

The goal of Lemonade Day is to give children the opportunity to start their own business and learn how to make money where they are encouraged to ‘spend a little, save a little and share a little.’

Like most new business owners, Lemonade Day entrepreneurs usually have a goal for what they want to do with their money. For some, it may be to go to summer camp. Others want to help a classmate who is sick. Some youth want to buy something. Thus, the spend, save, share model.

“We hope everyone comes out to support our military kids! Whether it’s buying lemonade, selling lemonade or supporting a child through valuable life lessons. Lemonade Day is as much about community unity as it is about supporting and teaching young entrepreneurs,” said Kimberly Merritt, AFI 2016 Kadena Military Spouse of the Year.

Milspousepreneur, a private organization on a mission to cultivate a learn-by-doing business experience for military spouse entrepreneurs living abroad by providing workable business solutions through leadership, live events, education, advocacy, and networking support. For more information, please email milspousepreneuer@gmail.com.

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