Omg, it’s National Doughnut Day and we have no chill. DO NOT miss out on your free doughnut today!

The free doughnuts are enough by themselves, but it’s actually even more special for our military community.

From “The day, established by the Salvation Army, celebrates volunteers―called “Doughnut Lassies”― who served soldiers with the sweet comfort food in France during World War I. You see! National Doughnut Day is not only about posting selfies with sugary treats before gobbling them up with reckless abandon. It’s about service, sacrifice…and then, yes, stuffing your face.”

We couldn’t agree more…and we’re all about it.

Here’s where you can get yours today:

1. Krispy Kreme: Get a free doughnut NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. That’s how much they care…

2. Dunkin’ Donuts: Donuts or Doughnuts, who really cares, but Dunkin’ has a free one for you with any drink purchase

3. Papa Johns: Wait, what? Yep, Papa Johns now has donut holes, and you get a free order today with any pizza purchase.

4. LaMar’s Donuts: Free donuts for all

5. Duck Donuts: East coast only, but this is a free classic doughnut to everyone.

6. Walmart: Every location is giving away free donuts to customer today – they say they’ll probably give out 1.2 million donuts today! #merica

7. Edible Arrangements: If you want a healthy option (for some reason…) Edible Arrangements is giving away their version of a donut – a cored Granny Smith Apple covered in chocolate.

We say, why not hit up all 7? Today is a freebie. Diets don’t exist today.

Just doughnut love.

Share any local places that have deals in the comments!

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