You know what the gods of fabricated wisdom say: “every Bonnie needs a Betty and every Clyde needs a Calvin.”

Friends – the very batteries that keep our clocks ticking through times of magic and Murphy. We need them and their different talents whether it is their uncanny ability to throw down an entire batch of brownie batter or their courage in telling us that that homecoming dress loves on the handles a little too tightly. Here are the top 7 friends every military spouse needs. Do you have them all?

1. The Voice

7 Friends Every Military Spouse Needs

You order a shake at a new restaurant that came well reviewed by your accompanied friend only to find that your salted caramel pretzel beverage is missing the caramel. You make a remark to your friend and she immediately raises her hand and yells across a crowded eatery, “MISS… there’s something wrong with this shake-can we get a new one?!” You quite literally might die of embarrassment but you are inwardly grateful for a pal with lack of care for what others may think. Everybody needs somebody that can right a wrong that you otherwise would have left out to dry in a rainstorm.

2. The Motivator

7 Friends Every Military Spouse Needs

“Hey, wanna a run a marathon?” Much can be said for the friend that pushes our limits physically, mentally, and spiritually and helps us realize inner potential and strength that we otherwise would have left sitting in the dusty corner of our subconscious. In truth, we may want to punch said friend in the face when we’d much rather participate in a Netflix marathon than the actual kind that requires exercise but in the end we usually end up thanking them.

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