How Military Friendships vs. Civilian Friendships Are Very Unique

Hands down, I have won the friend jackpot for my life. Through the different walks and seasons of my life, I have acquired and maintained some amazing and strong female friendships. Biological sisters and cousins that double as friends, incredible and hilarious sorority sisters that keep me on my toes (yep, the best friends I ever bought!), military sisters who support me through thick and thin, and more.

While all friendships are special in their own way, there is something especially unique about those military friendships.

What makes military friendships SO special?

Women are often depicted as self-serving, catty and malevolent, but I’ve experienced the exact opposite with military wives. When we had a difficult time finding nice, reasonable housing out “in town” at Naval Base Ventura County, I was so hesitant to live on base. Aren’t the women who live on base so gossipy and nosey?

However, my on-base neighbors turned into close friends very quickly and definitely became my village during deployment and beyond. Whether it was letting out my dog when I had to stay late at work, going for long walks that doubled as therapy sessions or just eating dinner and watching TV together, my military sisters were always there.

Military friendships are different for many reasons, and I struggle to put into words how these friendships have changed my life. When I reflect, though, there are a few key characteristics common across all my military friendships.

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