35 Reasons We Adore Military Kids

We happen to think that military kids are some of the most amazing humans on the planet, don’t you? We just can’t say enough about them! Our group of collaborators told us all of the many things they adore about military kiddos… what would you add to this list?

Collaborators: Morgan Wood Slade, Katie Foley, Kate Reimann, Cyndia Rios-myers, Rebecca Alwine, Lucha Reyna, Stacy Allsbruck Huisman, Stacey Shade-Ware, Jennifer MacDonald

Photo Credits: Morgan Slade, Rebecca Alwine, Beth Garland, Bianca Strzalkowski, Stacy Huisman, Erin Whitehead

35 Reasons We Adore Military Kids!

1. I adore their vocabulary. Not many kids learn the phrase, “Roger Sir” at two years of age.

1185437_971386037691_1897454015_n2. I LOVE that they can school their teachers on current events. “This morning we’re going to discuss Operation Iraqi Freedom.” “My Daddy was IN that. All we need to know is it was nasty.”

3. They can name all kinds of jets! Not just by sight… but by sound!

4. They understand responsibility at a very early age.

5. The way they salute the flag when the National Anthem plays, or during Retreat… it just melts my heart. Every. Time.

6. The way they proudly wear their “My Uncle Wears Combat Boots” t-shirts, and then explain It’s actually two uncles, two aunts, and their DAD!

7. I love military kids because they know how to deal with change better than we do.

8. The way they can barely sleep the night before homecomings!

9. I love that they know how to cope with change, and adjust to different settings.

10.  During the toddler ages when they think every service member in uniform is their daddy. It’s a hilarious association!

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