School is back in swing and you’ve got a busy schedule! But with just a teeny bit of planning, you can pack some delightful surprises for your little ones as they head off to school.  These lunches not only look great,  they’re also healthy! Bonus, we promise they’re easy to prepare–and require little to no Pinterest ability.

I’m Watching You

This is a great one for around Halloween. A half a bagel with cheese, sauce and topped with peporoni and an olive for the main dish. Alongside are two deviled eggs with olives. Crackers with Nutella and a banana slice and grapes all make for a great eye-mazing theme.

Sandwich Kabobs

Kabobs are a fun way to eat anything, and sandwiches are no exception. Just get the kabob sticks and add pieces of bread, lunch meat, lettuce, cheese, and top with a cherry tomato. You can add cheese and crackers and a fruit side to make it a mini picnic at school.



Loving Animals

As a kid, my favorite thing that my mother ever packed were bologna sandwiches with no crust. Now you can get creative when taking off the crust. By using a large heart shaped cookie cutter, or if you’re crafty just a knife, you can shape your sandwiches into hearts and turn them into animals with a few veggie and cheese toppings.


Sandwich %20animals



Number Theme

Whether it’s their sports number or their birthday, making a number theme can be a great way to make them smile. Make sure each thing you add matches the number and shape the sandwich or cut out the number in the bread. So easy and so fun!

Sports %20theme

Picture Perfect

Vegetables, crackers and pretzels are great for making creative pictures like trees and flowers for lunch. These are so cute, they’re Instagram worthy and your kids will adore them!



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